• Here are a selection of artists /designers /creatives that we work with. Click on any to find out more about them...

  • Katy Goutefangea


    Katy Goutefangea is a printmaker creating hand drawn designs and patterns. She uses waterbased silkscreen and letterpress printing to produce a range of high quality textile and paper products. The intricate patterns that are the focus of her work draw reference from objects and textures found in nature and everyday life.



  • Wrap


    WRAP is a large format illustration and design magazine that launched in 2010 and is run by Chris and Polly, and edited by Harry.


    WRAP is unique – it’s a magazine AND a product (wrapping paper) in one. Held together in a hard cover with a large elastic band and no staples, each page has a print on the reverse and is easily pulled out and re-used to wrap gifts. They publish work by talented up-and-coming and established artists from all over the world. By printing their work on a large scale along with an interview, people who buy and read Wrap gain a real sense and understanding of what makes our contributors the talented folk they are.



  • New Found Original

    A project by Graphic Designers Jo Murray & Dominic Bell, New Found Original sell and produce a carefully selected collection of graphic products – designed, commissioned or found by them.

    New Found Original always display a concise range of products chosen for the quality of their design, whether it’s a beautiful vintage item with bold, colourful typography, or an exciting collaboration with an up and coming designer or artist.



  • Bill Bragg



    When Bill isn’t dreaming about the open seas and long train journeys he likes to draw pictures about the open seas and long train journeys. A founding member of LE GUN and freelance illustrator since 1998 Bill has worked for a broad range of clients in the U.K. and the U.S.A. including: The Independent, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Zembla, DDB, The London Symphony Orchestra, The Partners, Frost Design, Jonathon Cape and Faber and Faber. He also likes making things out of cardboard.




  • Chris Bianchi



    A founding member of LE GUN, Chris works as freelance illustrator. His personal work deals largely with self initiated narrative and story telling. Having self published two books “The Spinners” 2003 and “Box” 2005, he is now working on a new book as well as teaching illustration. Chris graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2005 and has been living and working in London ever since.




  • Guy Stephens



    Landscape is no longer simply based on the aesthetic representation of nature. Today Guy Stephens‚ landscape images typically encompass urban and industrial environments depicting human interaction with the natural world. Guy’s landscape photography creates an image with layers of subjectivity, which can be interpreted differently, depending on the viewer.A major factor in this work is its simplicity. Most of the images are studying them while the inhabitants are absent. It’s their very absence that permits the evocation of their society. All photographs rely on the principle of the relationship between time and light. Guy’s long exposure work embeds a passage of time; the viewer is observing a period of minutes in a still image.



  • Hannah Bays



    Born in 1982, Hannah Bays is a London based artist/illustrator who studied Graphic Design at London College of Communication. Forever inspired by the music and mythology of rock and roll, it was whilst at the college that she received her first commissions from the bands Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things, alongside the director of ”Quadrophenia” Franc Roddam. Strongly influenced by the hand-made aesthetics of punk, dada and Victoriana, Hannah”s work drifts between the mediums of painting, drawing and collage, often combining the techniques. Alongside her personal projects she has worked for the likes of PPQ, Frost French, designed hosiery packaging for Beyond Retro and branded a series of well known Camden watering holes.



  • Harry Malt



    LIVING DEEP IN THE EAST LONDON DREAM ZONE. DAILY. Harry Malt used to be a stock man on a pig farm. Harry Malt moved to London to further his options and education. Instead of which he went to art college. He flourished in the creative environment and is now a internationally successful artist and illustrator. Clients include, McCann Erickson, Maestro, Virgin Active, Virgin Holidays, HSBC, Nokia, Aol., Kelloggs Rice Krispies, Colette Paris, ACE Hotel NYC, Teenage Cancer Trust, WSAG and Radar Magazine AND tons more. He is not fussy and will consider all commissions.



  • John Dilnot



    With work in numerous private and public collections, John Dilnot sells his work through many outlets in this country and abroad, including The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and the V & A Museum London. John studied Graphic Design at Canterbury College of Art and gaining a degree in Fine Art at Camberwell School of Art in 1984, he went on to study postgraduate printmaking at Camberwell.



  • Marcus Walters


    Marcus Walters is an illustrator and designer based in the UK working in the design industry for over ten years. Marcus works across a variety of media and his work incorporates hand crafted elements such as collage and drawing to create simple and enduring images. Marcus’s client list includes the BBC, Levis, Coca-Cola, Yellow Pages, Amnesty, Honda, Orange and various magazines worldwide. He is also co-founder of graphic design studio, New Future Graphic, to which he often brings his illustrative approach to graphic design projects. Marcus has exhibited his artwork in galleries across Europe and America and been featured in many books and magazines. He currently spends his time working from a studio near Stroud in Gloucestershire and his design studio in London.



  • Maureen Valfort


    Maureen comes from France where she spent her early life on a farm in the countryside. She studied graphic design at l”Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, and some years later at The Royal College of Art. Maureen founded her own practice and her studio is specialised in the design of books, catalogues, identities and exhibition pieces. She works using type, pencils, ink, scissors and the Apple Mac. She enjoys using different technologies and mediums and collaborating with others when the opportunity arises.



  • Neal Fox


    Neal Fox is a London based artist/illustrator. Born in 1981, he studied at Camberwell Art College and the Royal College of Art. While at the RCA he co-founded LE GUN, the annual art journal which is now distributed world wide. Since graduating with an MA in 2005 his commercial illustration clients have included the Guardian, the Independent, Random House and Pete Doherty’s band Babyshambles. Simultaneously Fox’s more personal work- large scale ink drawings of his grandfather’s ghost on a phantasmagoric drunken bender through history, with iconoclasts such as William Burroughs, Aleister Crowley and Francis Bacon – has led to exhibitions at the Basel Art Fair and most recently a solo show at Gallery Daniel Blau in Munich, whose previous exhibitors have included Georg Baselitz, Andy Warhol and Chuck Close.




  • Nick Morley


    Nick Morley, a.k.a Linocutboy, is an artist and illustrator with an eye for the absurd. His idiosyncratic and wryly humourous take on the human condition has won many fans across the globe including comedian Vic Reeves. The major themes running through Nick’s work are masculinity, heroism and human achievement. For the exhibition at Material (June /July 2009) Nick produced new etchings, linocuts, drawings and paintings around the theme Man and Beast. The images are at once funny and unsettling; a man riding a zebra, hunters holding up their dead trophies, a giant snake and a bear riding a bicycle.




  • Primitive Press


    Established in 2010 Primitive Press is a London based, independent graphic design and print studio specialising in the production of geometric patterns and limited editions.Through the examination and study of geometric aesthetics from cultures around the world, their focus is on design and application of pattern to create limited edition products within the fields of art, apparel and home-ware. All of their products are created through the process of screen printing, a process they greatly value to create personally hand crafted products. Rather than mass-produce the product, they only release small quantity editions.



  • Robert Rubbish


    A founding member of LE GUN, Robert was born on a small rock in the English Channel. Fast forwards thirty three years later and he is in London. He likes drawing and painting and sticking fake hair to paintings. He very much enjoys joke shops and pubs. He is a freelance illustrator. He was educated at UWE Bristol 1996-1999 and BA Hons Communication Art and Design Royal College of Art 2003-2005.




  • Ross Cooper

    One half of One in Three, Ross Cooper is an artist, designer & director. Ross is primarily concerned with the power of good ideas. His varied experience and skills allows him to tackle projects in an open-minded and flexible way, through the most appropriate media. As an artist he has exhibited widely throughout Europe (Berlin, Linz, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Riyeka), Asia (Bangkok, Taichung and Tokyo) and at the ACMI in Melbourne and Siggraph in Los Angeles. His original thinking and innovative solutions have resulted in numerous awards including 2 Silver D&AD”s, Silver nomination and the Gold award from the Art Directors Club of Europe as well as awards from Ars Electronica, Disney, Intel, ACA Media Arts and the Royal College of Art.



  • Spoe


    As a graphic designer and artist who graduated from Le Havre Art School, Tibo, a.k.a Spoe now lives and works as a freelance graphic designer in Biarritz, France. After becoming involved in graffiti between 1993 and 2004, Spoe ficused his work on graphic design (cf.”sur la voie…” a spoe book – collectif combo edition) and still practices his self initiated art activities. Composition is a key feature in his work through different techniques including drawing, painting and photography.



  • William Jean


    William Jean is particularly fond of the word abscons*, using it frequently to question the capacity of a certain to person make sense of a certain proposition. His work often struggles to make sense of what happens in those situations where abscons fails to make sense in and of itself , but rather becomes the means to an end, a search for meaning, an attempt to grasp hold of meaning. To find meaning where it seems to be lacking, to upset the inadequacies, to disrupt in order to extract the necessarily bitter curative juices.


    (Translated by a machine)



  • Double Merrick


    Double Merrick is an English designer/illustrator based near Limoges in rural France. He works out of a crumbly, vine covered studio. After countless folks telling him that his work would look great as prints, he finally got the message into his thick skull and made up some prints to sell. After dipping a toe into the water via a shop on Etsy, Merrick was bowled over by the phenomenal response and things have progressed from there.


    You can view a selection of Double Merrick prints in our online shop.



  • LucyAnne



    Designing for both fashion and interiors, Lucy Anne is a textiles/ surface pattern designer with a fervent desire to hand draw and this is were all my pattern formations begin life. Her adoration of both nature and early 20th century textiles, the colours and graphics and particularly the illustrations of Paul Colin, RenĂ© Gruau and HervĂ© Morvan, are all distinguishable influences in Lucy’s work. Her designs and printed textiles are tailored to a range of applications and I also turn my hand to designing and making printed cards and gift wrap. All work is hand made in the UK.





  • Wuon Gean-Ho

    Wuon-Gean Ho graduated with a BA in History of Art, and a professional licence as a veterinary surgeon from Cambridge University, before taking up a Japanese Government Scholarship in 1998 to study woodblock printmaking in Japan. She has held print residencies in Kyoto, Japan; Caldera, Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts and the Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology in the US; Intaglio Printmaker and Printspace in the UK and exhibits widely both nationally and internationally. She makes rich glowing prints and artist books with a fantastical narrative exploring the borderline between beauty and beast, and the energy shifts between life and sleep, and sleep and death. She is an instructor in Japanese woodblock technique and teaches in East London Printmakers and the Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology. She has work in the collections of Aberystwyth University, the Crow”s Shadow Institute of Arts and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Currently she is curating work for the second Qijiang International Print festival in China.


    Wuon Gean Ho will be exhibiting a selection of prints/works on paper & animations at our Ludlow space this coming May. More information can be found in the Upcoming Events section of our Events page.



  • LE GUN


    Currently open to submissions, LE GUN is an illustration collective that was formed back in 2004 and produce a publication of the same name . They are looking for short stories, illustrations and anything in-between.

    The next deadline for submissions July 2013. There is no brief, but here are some suggested ingredients…

    A Recipe for Disaster

    Blinded by the light, doppelgängers & rat pâtĂ©, brown helmets, long lenses & short memories, jazz monkeys, drug operas, the Middle of Nowhere, mort subite, wooden teeth, sex hooks, Plastic Bertrand, Don Ricardo, Segways & segues, The Great Monument to Transvestitism, flu remedies & shrapnel, the Jago, bum ghosts, cuckoo clocks, injuries sustained from small children, thin lips & polka dots, Chateau de Boy George, Tommy Cooper’s House, the Birdcage, jungle fever, turkish baths, sclerosis, the Bullshit Factuary, Tears for Fears 2, Celebrity Death Camp™, Pays de l’Or Noir, the Globe, the Costa del Dole, purgatory, the Edge of Time, Forest of Pop, blackout, path of excess, gok wan, Warburton’s lunatic asylum, red dogs, brown tape, Dalmatian Alley, Spirit of the Westway, the m25, ballardian suburbia, a buggers paradise, amnesia, the fry up of lost souls, love the provider, table grapes, Marlinspike, sex hooks, Palace of Wisdom, Hang-Man’s corner, pint of granddad, the Myth of Sisyphus, Marvin Gaye, monday morning, rubbers, gummas & delusions of grandeur, Mickey Mouse’s glass eye, George Michael’s cottage, soul rot, pinholes, fishcakes, Mr Lovepants, dementia, damnation, houmus and chips, space is deep, misused power station, Strummerville, cameo pleasure, Westsinister, gin floats, nightboat to Cairo…