LE GUN #5.


Eagerly anticipated following a two year period since the heralded LE GUN 4 (sold out), LE GUN 5 is set to grace lavatories, boutiques, bars and bookshelves far and wide.


Along with a multitude of contributions from a myriad of illustrators old and new, LE GUN 5 features images of The Unknown Room, a bizarre life size drawing in the 3rd dimension based on the contents of George Melly's briefcase, plus a fold out section.


164pp B/W, 4 colour sections, two colour section and special pull-our careers advice.


Published in Hackney by LE GUN Publishing 2011. Printed in Holland by Lecturis on 'Cyclus' 100% recycled paper, foil-blocked front cover with flap + lay-flat binding.

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