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  • Noel Carrington

    Oct 14 2015

    "Noel Carrington is an unsung hero. Today, aside from a few collectors and enthusiasts, he is generally unknown, a footnote man who appea...

  • Late Opening

    Sep 20 2015

    On Tuesday 22nd September, Material will be open until 8.30pm as part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle. On the night, we will be showcas...

  • Spectral Nation: Atmospheric Disturbances

    Sep 10 2015

    The pulsating acid tinged continuum of the Spectral Nation continues... Join us at Material for the preview night of Heretic Printmaker's...

  • Unelefante Chocolate

    Aug 11 2015

      The brainchild of Mexico-based designer Tatiana Sanchez and chef Jorge Llanderal, Unelefante 's artisan chocolate transforms the 'ordi...

  • T Veg Book Launch

    Jul 20 2015

    Award winning illustrator Katherina Manolessou has teamed up with Smriti Prasadam-Halls & Frances Lincoln Publishing in creati...