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Welcome to the Museum

Posted on October 02 2014

New to our collection is Jenny Broom and Katy Scott’s encyclopaedia, 'Animalium, Welcome to the Museum'. An atmospheric catalogue reimagining favourite museum jaunts from the animal kingdom, crafted into a balanced piece of literature, design and science.

Packed full of enlightening facts and informative prints, the sleek, botanical imagery has been intelligently fused with captivating knowledge to satisfy the thirst of the curious. This book really does help you pause and recreate those hours spent lost, wandering the great halls of your most yearned for museums. From its explanatory Tree of Life to its in-depth detailed clarity of the origins of an Octopus, this is an exceptional taxonomy of the world's animal life.


Author Jenny Broom is known for her innovative children’s titles such as Walk this World and Fuzzy Chums. She has collaborated inspiringly with Katie Scott to create a children’s bookshelf classic and brings it straight to an adult coffee table must.

Throughout, Katie Scott has created a desirable collection of illustrations and prints that are informative and yet superbly delicate. Scott came to our attention before with noted collaborations such as work with our friends at Wrap Magazine and the acclaimed album artwork for Bombay Bicycle Club. This familiar combination of art and natural history has got us all at Material excited to stock, read, recommend and gift wrap for nearest and dearest.

Animalium, Welcome to the Museum. Available in store and online.


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