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Sonia Delauney. EY at the Tate Modern

Posted on June 17 2015

The EY Exhibition: Sonia Delaunay

until 9th August 2015

"Roll up! Let the show begin! Tristan Tzara leads them in, then come Madame Spinning- Top and Monsieur Lightning. It's non-stop! Others join the merry show - stripes, shapes and colours flow." – Gérard Lo Monaco, Madame Sonia Delauney


The textiles are beautiful, the design drawings exquisite, never before had I realised the strength and success of the commercial design element of Sonia Delaunay's work. Be prepared the while away the hours at this in depth exhibition of this Ukranian visual artist at the TATE Modern. Adopting a conventional formula, this retrospective Curated by Anne Montfort of Musée d'Art Moderne takes the viewer on a journey through the time line of Delauney's life, both emotional and professional. See the avante-garde world of this creative collaborator and doyenne of Abstract Art.


It is the fashion and textiles in the show that really shine. A showcase of Delaunay's design sketches, production notes, and colour palettes are displayed alongside exquisite fabric samples, from delicate 1940s prints mimicking embroidery stitching to bold geometric designs. A real inspiration and a feast for the eyes!


 Design B53,  Geometric print fabric 1924


Left - Bathing Suit, 1924. On the right - Still photo from the film Le P’tit Parigot, written by Paul Cartoux, Directed by René Le Somptier, 1926, collection of Antoine Blanchette
OUR ADVICE... book your tickets a few days in advance to get a slot early in the day, especially if you are planning to go on the weekend. You need at least an hour to take it all in and you don't want to be swarmed with people when you do. Try to get in at 10am, it gets hot and heavy in there!

WHO KNEW?! If you're running late for you time slot, it doesn't matter! You can enter the exhibition any time after your slot on that day.




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