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Mac Conner

Posted on June 22 2015

 Mac Connor, A New York Life

Until 28th June at The House of Illustration

10am - 6pm

  A commercial illustrator, Mac Conner is often referred to as one of the 'original Mad Men'. His career thrived between 1940 - 1960 and, due to the postwar economic boom, he boasted clients such as Ford, United Airlines Cosmopolitan, The Saturday Evening Post and AT&T. With provocative use of colour and sharp perspective, Conner's editorial illustrations in high demand. His style shaped the image of post war America, and created dramatic scenes with a cinematic feel. This captivating exhibition at the House of Illustration showcases the advertising tearsheets and other published work produced for the fore mentioned clients alongside reference photos and preliminary designs, and the selection of fiction covers he later went on to illustrating when photography took over advertising later in the 60s. mac_conner_new_york_life_01 mac_conner_new_york_life_02 mac_conner_new_york_life_03 mac_conner_new_york_life_05   WHY NOT.... Follow up your visit to the House of Illustration with a trip to the King's Cross water fountains and play a game of Granry Squirt with your phone. More info here 


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