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Unelefante Chocolate

Posted on August 11 2015

  The brainchild of Mexico-based designer Tatiana Sanchez and chef Jorge Llanderal, Unelefante 's artisan chocolate transforms the 'ordinary into extraordinary". This chocolate is not only delicious but a visual delight too and it's sure to make you smile.
"I happened to know Jorge Llanderal and his family for quite some time. I'm a devoted chocoholic. When I voiced my idea that people crave good chocolate all around the world, it was only obvious that working with Jorge was my first move. He introduced me to the wonderful world of cocoa, I showed him my idea I had and the Pollock bar was born."
– Tatiana Sánchez, Founder of UNELEFANTE
These days we want food to be as pretty as a picture, however, in the case of the Pollock bar, the inspiration is a lot more literal. The pollock bar is made from a rich 58% cacao bar, hand painted with expressive splatters of brightly coloured chocolate to resemble Pollock's signature paint drips, packaged in hand splattered boxes, each one different from the last in a tasty homage to the great artist. Another, more recent, addition to the Unelefante range is the Graffiti bar, a hazy psychedelic swirl of colours indebted to the subway artists of NYC. This bar boasts "sweet fruity citric notes and a hint of nuttiness" though the appeal of this treat is as much in it's exciting and unique appearance as it is in it's taste. We think Unelefante chocolate bars make a fantastic gift, unwrapping one of these beautiful bars will make you feel like Charlie unwrapping the golden ticket.    


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