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500 Hidden Secrets of Los Angeles

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500 Hidden Secrets of Los Angeles features places and interesting details for anyone who’s keen to explore the city's best-kept secrets. Written by Andrea Richards, the independent advice featured in this travel guide is based on thorough research and the author’s personal opinions.

Inside you will find 500 suggestions of great places, such as the best 5 laid-back beach cafes, 5 places to buy an oscar-dress, and 5 of the most unlikely places to see celebs. With a view to inspire and lead readers on their own adventure, 500 Hidden Secrets are the perfect guides to immersing yourself in the culture and city. These guides also contain numbered locations and maps and are regularly updated.

Andrea Richards is a contributing writer to Los Angeles magazine and the author of Girl Director: A How-To Guide for the First-Time, Flat-Broke Film and Video Maker and Los Angeles Cocktails: Spirits in the City of Angels. Photographer Giovanni Simeone loves shooting in LA because of the people he gets to meet: everyone in Los Angeles seems to be involved in some creative project, everyone is enjoying life and open to new chances and destinies.…………………………. 

By Andrea Richards
Paperback, 248 pages
130 x 180 mm