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Untitled (Grey Background) Print


Untitled (Grey background), 2015. One in a series of two, this Limited edition untitled screen print, printed at Coriander Studios, by artist Piers Veness based on a mural produced by the artist at I'Klectik. London based artist Piers Veness works to connect with core human emotions through form. The monumental plays a large role in his work as simple, imposing forms play on the subconcious. He believes that shape and line can tap into the psyche.


Despite often expressing his ideas in paint because the possibilities it offers are endless and he can have full control over the material. Furthermore, painting has an immediacy on the viewer without the need for explanation – the viewer is confronted with a self-defining object: a painting is always a painting, no matter what it depicts. Drawing is also a fundamental activity in the production of Piers's work since the “correctness” of the design is paramount.


- Printed on Somerset paper
- Edition of 25 +2 AP
- Paper size 595 mm x 420 mm


These prints will be sent packed flat with a card backing in a bio-degradable plastic (corn starch) bag.