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Pickled is an elegant, modern book that teaches home cooks how to transform their meals with an assortment of traditional and more modern pickled delights. Covering pickled vegetables, pickled fruit and drinking vinegars and kombucha, Pickled shares easy-to-follow and delicious recipes for Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Szechuan pickled watermelon, Soy pickled mushrooms, pickled dill cucumber, coffee pickled beetroots, bourbon chilli pickles and more.


Tapping into the current feeling that fresh, seasonal produce should not be wasted, these recipes will liven up your everyday meals as well as provide excellent health benefits. Pickling what you eat first preserves the natural levels of bacteria, vitamins and enzymes in your food, converting them into probiotics which are crucial for digestive health. By re-balancing the bacteria in your stomach you can also ward off IBS symptoms, increase your energy levels and improve any skin concerns you might have. Due to its numerous health benefits pickling is fast becoming the ‘new gluten-free’ favourite.


- Written by Freddie Janssen
- Hardcover, 144 pages
- Size 190mm x 230mm