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A Wilder Life



A Wilder Life is a book about enjoying life with the great outdoors, created by the team behind Wilder Magazine including Wilder's founder, Celestine Maddy, it's long time editor, Abbye Churchill, and Horticultural Editor, Molly Marquand. Full of ideas and tips, Wilder teaches readers how to plant a night-blooming garden, navigate by reading the stars, build an outdoor shelter, make dry shampoo, and cultivate butterflies in a backyard amongst many more al fresco activities. Using the growing trend for reclaiming lost skills and lifestyles, A Wilder Life shows us how to build nature back into our modern lifestyles. Divided up into helpful seasonal sections looking at topics such as gardening, cooking and health and beauty, accompanied by photos and illustrations from Krysta Jabczenski and Claire Cottrell, and Holly Exely.

A season by season guide to getting in touch with nature.
By Celestine Maddy
Softcover, 256 pages, 
221 x 277mm