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Beyond the Surface


 Part of the illustrated Leoporello series by Nobrow, Beyond the Surface unfolds to reveal an adventure travelling from the tips of the highest mountains, down through the earth to it molten core. Celebrating the men and women who, over the centuries, have gone above and beyond everyday human capabilities. From Empedocles to Hillary, from the cave paintings of Lascaux to the “human fish” of Ljubljana, delve beyond the surface with this stunning concertina book illustrated by Nicolas André.

Nobrow is the joint creative endeavour of two friends and ex-St Martin’s alumni: Sam Arthur and Alex Spiro. Since its inception in 2008 Nobrow Ltd. has sought to make great design, ground-breaking art and narrative, luscious production values and environmental consciousness central to its mission. With an emphasis on bringing fresh, young talent to wider audiences, as well as to remind the world of the great talents that have been producing stunning work for many years, Nobrow have sought to bring new stories to life, as well as to revive well-worn yarns for new generations of people.


Illustrated by Nicolas André for Nobrow Press

Full colour 20 panel concertina Leporello

Size: 234mm x 141mm