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Drift Volume 3



Issue 3 of Drift takes us to Havana. Exploring the city, it's coffee and the people who drink it. Filled with the stories of roasters, historians, writers and entrepreneurs discussing the distinctive strong, sweet coffee made from beans grown in the Cuban mountains and plantations surrounding the city. Looking at selling cups from ventanillas - residents own windowsills, how beans are roasted in the city's state-owned roasters, and Havana's tumultuous reputation as a coffee capital, learn how Havana gets it caffeine kick. Featuring a shopping trip with locals, an interview with artist Damian Aquiles, a photo series dedicated to Cocotaxi drivers' favourite places to drink coffee, and a focus on Café Bustelo - the brand recreating the tastes of home abroad.


Biannual periodical
160 pages, 216mm x 279mm
Full colour offset printed in Canada
Editor in chief Adam Goldberg