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Ernest Journal Issue 5

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 This issue of Ernest Journal explores the unruly world of made-up languages, teaches you to conduct your own experiments with time using the theories of JW Dunne, shows you how to make your own wild first aid kit, seeks simple shelter in the mountain bothies of northwest Scotland, tucks into the history of the vindaloo, then sets sail with New Dawn Traders as they establish slow cargo routes across the Atlantic.

Ernest Journal is about the recognition of true craftsmanship and the appreciation of timeless style, skill and stories. Created for those who long to sleep under the stars, trek through ancient forests, carve and whittle wood, fly fish and home brew. It is a humble accolade to the natural world around us and all who revel in it's offerings. Ernest Journal is available as a blog, digital magazine and biannual printed journal.


Issue 5

Published by Unchartered Press

Flexicover, 336 pages

Size: 170 mm x 220 mm