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Fool Issue 4



Bi-annual periodical
Winter 2013/2014 issue
160 pages, 220mm x 280mm
Editors Lotta Jörgensen, Per-Anders Jörgensen
Issue 4 is the Italian issue. Inside Massimo Bottura and the Osteria Francescana crew enact a homage to Fellini's 8 1/2 in what Fool co-founders Per-Anders and Lotta Jorgensen call "maybe the oddest story ever found in a gastronomic magazine, blending fashion, food, dreams and reality."
Other features include  Alfonso Iaccarino’s organic farm, the new Italian three-star restaurant in Abruzzo known as Reale, and the Italian appreciation for offal (supported by astonishingly romantic photography of the ingredients),  photoshoots with Carlo Mirarchi, a look at regional culinary traditions, an "eternal guide to Rome," and a search for "mythical chef-figure" Fulvio Pierangelini, who reveals his dislike for recipe-writing and cookbooks in general.
Fool is a cutting edge cult food and culture publication from co-editors-in-chief Per-Anders and Lotta Jörgensen. Highlighting contemporary gastronomy. Food, insanity, brilliance and love.