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Fool Issue 5



 This issue's theme is 'religion' and that means everything from a Mugaritz communion taking a fresh and incredible look at the holy communion wafer in 'Bread of Life' to exploring the Australian Outback.
Oliver Strand writes about service, in which co-editor Jörgensen says "can be almost a religion," Fuchsia Dunlop on the subject of gluttony, Sean Brock on moonshine, and an exploration of lethal dosages of familiar foods. There's also a profile of legendary French chef Paul Bocuse called "The Original Food God" and an interview with the often-controversial Joe Beef chef David McMillan. Other features include an in-depth exploration of Singapore chef Andre Chiang's creative process and a look at cod fishing with Jeremy Charles and Jeremy Bonia of Raymonds in St. John's, Newfoundland. As always, the magazine has plenty of gorgeous photography and stunning illustrations. 
The cover chef is Scotland-born Australian "Outback evangelist" chef Jock Zonfrillo (Orana, Adelaide). He's spent time with over 250 indigenous communities, and the feature written by Australian crime writer Zane Lovitt finds Zonfrillo learning about native, wild Australian ingredients in the Outback.
Fool is a cutting edge cult food and culture publication from co-editors-in-chief Per-Anders and Lotta Jörgensen. Highlighting contemporary gastronomy. Food, insanity, brilliance and love.