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Herb Lester Map- Washington DC



This pocket size travel guide to Washington DC will show travellers unusual things to see and do in the American city. The US capital is home to some of America's most famous monuments, however this guide will steer you to 40 lesser known amusements. Wether its a decent cup of coffee you're after, a decadent cocktail, or a stroll through the shops - this guide has the best suggestions to fill your time in between museums and landmarks.

Herb Lester research each city the old-fashioned way: asking friends, acquaintances, cab drivers and concierges for their tips and then walking, tasting, sipping, and peering into doorways and down alleys. Herb Lester are able to offer compact guides packed with the exciting promise of shops, bars, galleries, parks and museums!


Written by Jon Hammer & Karen McBurnie, designed by Jim Datz for Herb Lester

A3 (297x420mm) folded to A6 (105x148mm)

Litho-printed in England on recycled paper