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Studio Heretic Neon Moonrise Screen Print - Phase 1

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Neon Moonrise by Heretic Printmakers. A five colour unique screen print. Signed and numbered edition of 10. Printed on 300gsm Fedrigoni paper. Paper Size: 72 cm x 102 cm


Neon Moonrise Phase 1 forms part of a series of prints by Heretic titled Spectral Nation. Spectral Nation is an exploration into the screen printing process. An on-going project, this body of work is constantly in flux, growing through a series of colour and print process interactions combined with irregular print experiments. 

With a focus on visual perception, the relationship between colours and how they effect the retina and the mind is explored. A further area of interest is the journey an image makes through different processes, from digital manipulation into analogue, and the transformations and distortions this journey can bring about, sometimes deliberate, often by chance, uncovering hidden complexities within simple compositions. 

All prints are sent either flat packed in protective packaging or rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube.