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John Dilnot Moths Blue Mini Print



Moths mini print in blue by artist and illustrator John DilnotUnlimited colour screen print printed on watercolour paper. Paper size 152 mm x 203 mm
These beautiful little prints by John Dilnot may be small, but look great when framed up in little box frames. This is part of a series of original, hand printed, unlimited screen prints on 152 x 203mm (6 x 8”) watercolour paper. These unlimited prints are hand titled and signed. Due to their nature, image sizes vary a little.

An artist who has loved experimenting with different mediums from an early age, John Dilnot self-taught himself letterpress and screen print using make shift studios in his garage and larder. John has shown work in many locations including the V&A Museum, Tate Gallery, RA Summer Exhibition, Cornerhouse Manchester, Bluecoat Liverpool and The National Trust. Solo shows include ‘Natural History’ at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, ‘In the Country’ with Southern Arts Touring and ‘Rural Views’ at Aytoun Gallery Manchester.
The prints come packed flat with a card backing in a bio-degradable plastic (corn starch) bag.