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Origami Concrete Trivet


Concrete pot stand / trivet by Havelock Studio, inspired by folded paper patterns and designed to be a graphic and intriguing object perfect for protecting surfaces from hot pans or dishes. Use the trivet to present a dish whilst protecting your table or work surface. The trivets will tessellate together almost seamlessly making an extendable surface for multiple pans. 
The concrete is finished using a product which seals the surface preventing staining and allows easy cleaning. The use of molds enables the precise reproduction of the trivets producing identical forms, however, no two will be the same. When concrete dries, random patterns and small bubbles are left on its surface and so each will be unique.
 20 x 17.3 cm 
CARE - Simply wash in warm soapy water using a soft brush if necessary. Do not use a scourer and always ensure the cork has dried before storing or reusing. 


Havelock Studio was established in 2015 by designer / maker Jack Havelock Bailey. He specialises in high quality furniture, products and objects rooted in concept and purpose.