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The Happy Reader Issue 9



The Happy Reader is a collaboration between Penguin Classics and Fantastic Man. A quarterly publication, each issue has two halves: an in-depth interview and an in-depth look at one piece of classic literature.

Some of the lovely writing you'll find inside issue 9...

- The Interview: LILY COLE by Penny Martin. A model who owns a bookshop. A movie actress who put it all on hold to clinch an art history degree. Photographed here by WOLFGANG TILLMANS.

- Lily's Utopian reads.

- Sail off to TREASURE ISLAND by the towering master of the nineteenth-century page turner, ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON. This somewhat boyish yet universally cherished tale gives rise to curious news from the parrot world, a conversation with a singalong genius, and in-depth reportage examining the worldwide electoral surge of pirate political parties.

- Politics: Three Cheers for Piracy by Amelia Tait – How illegal downloading became and election-winning ideology

- My Parrot betrayed me by Yelena Moskovich 


Paperback, 62 pages

Editor in Chief Seb Emina