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The Life Negroni



By Spinach Publishing Ltd (5 Nov. 2015)
Hardcover, 302 pages
Size: 175 x 32 x 227 mm
Few cocktails have acquired the cult status of the Negroni thanks to its stylish Italian associations, seductive taste and illustrious history. With its flamboyant red hue, aromatic nose and sophisticated palate of exotic botanicals and herbaceous bitters, the Negroni has come to be an icon amongst cocktails.
The Life Negroni is no ordinary cocktail book. Wonderful archive images, original art by the Italian Futurists, contemporary photographs and first-hand interviews with experts and aficionados combine to tell the compelling story of this classic cocktail and what it has come to represent.
Gain invaluable tips on composing the classic Negroni, appreciating gin, understanding the complex world of bitters, storing and serving vermouth, and ordering Punt e Mes Turinese style. The Life Negroni offers an exclusive insider's look at some of the world's chicest and hippest hotels and bars complete with recommendations for old favorites and new classics by maestro mixologists Tony Conigliaro, Salvatore Calabrese, Colin Field, Agostino Perrone, to name a few. And it shares anecdotes from drinks historians Gaz Regan, Jared Brown amongst others. The author visits the bars that champion the Negroni including The Connaught, Bulgari, Waldorf Astoria, Ritz, Artesian, Lincoln Centre and Playboy Club. The book meets with Negroni aficionados from Wally Yacht s Luca Bassani, to fashion designer Mariano Rubinacci, aesthete Stephen Bayley and car designer Chris Bangle.