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Wild & Tame Animals


A vintage treasure brought back to life by Flying Eye Books, Wild and Tame Animals seems to enchant adults just as much as children! Dahlov Ipcar's tale of humans and animals is restored to it's original glory, with page after page of beautifully detailed colour illustrations. 

Long, long ago all animals in the world were wild. Some were timid and hid in the woods, and some were ferocious and dangerous.

And so begins a journey of discovery as Dahlov Ipcar presents a wealth of feral and fierce animals trained by our early ancestors to the tame animals we know today.

Dahlov Ipcar is an American illustrator whose love of animals and nature, and in particular jungle animals, has entertained children the world over with her vivid and fanciful illustrations. Flying Eye Books has worked to faithfully restore and reproduce the quality of the original art. Using modern techniques, their restorers have painstakingly picked out the layers of spot colour and remastered each brush stroke while keeping the integrity of the line.

 By Dahlov Ipcar

Hardcover, 48 pages

262mm x 211mm

suitable for ages 3 +